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What Is Interiorscaping?

The strategic placement of plants indoors is synonymously called Plantscaping, Interior Landscaping, or simply Interiorscaping.  Whatever you like to call it, real live plants and professional care add value to your business...  more

Why Have Plants?

Have you heard the expression "Dress to Impress?"  This has never been more important than in today's economic climate.  First impressions are essential in all areas of your life  Our award-winning interiorscapes beautify Airports, Hospitals, Hotels, Luxury Hi-Rise Condominiums, Country Clubs, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Businesses, Professional Offices, and Residences throughout Florida...  more

Design...More than Just Pretty

Having a beautiful, carefree interiorscape starts with good design.  There is a difference between a professionally designed interiorscape and a mere collection of plants.  Like an interior designer, Tropex Professional Design Consultants can offer unique and speciman quality plants not available to the general public...  more


Design and Maintenance go hand in hand.  Professional maintenance insures pleasure and pride to business owners and their visitors...more

Live plants are the ORIGINAL GREEN product offering beauty, comfort, and proven health benefits