Real, live plants and professional care add value to your property

Plant Leasing

Our expert design consultants will provide exciting designs to suit your needs. Lease the plants and containers and leave the rest to us. We guarantee attractive plants and excellent for the entire lease period.

Guaranteed Maintenance

We will take over the maintenance of your existing plants (this includes free replacements before they decline) so that you will always have the best looking plants.

Progressive Lease

Your existing plants will be maintained professionally and as they decline, we will replace them as a lease.

Maintenance Only

If you own your plants that you want us to maintain on a non-guarantee basis, we will provide the best care for your plants.

Scope of Work

Our certified and trained horticulture technicians will provide excellent and professional plant care:

  • Water the plants and check the moisture levels using a soil probe
  • Trim and remove unsightly leaves and branches
  • Rotate plants so they get uniform light
  • Wipe dirt and dust from leaves
  • Treat for pests and diseases
  • Fertilize as necessary
  • Replace plants before decline